Corporate Membership

To reflect the special circumstances of commercial as opposed to private clients, the Club offers a reduction in both the standard joining fee and the subscription rate when five or more people join from a company.

Why should companies be interested in health club membership?
There are innumerable benefits that the company will enjoy, including:

A healthier workforce
It is estimated that the 53 million working days a year lost because of Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) costs British industry over £3 billion in productivity . Exercise can reduce obesity (a major contributor to CHD) and blood cholesterol levels.

Reduced absenteeism
An average of 8 working days a year per employee are lost on account of sickness, at an estimated total cost to UK business of £13 billion.

A workforce that stays working longer
Active men and women have a 25% lower risk of CHD than their sedentary peers. Active individuals often do not smoke; smoking is a significant contributor to absenteeism, early retirement and death of individuals who might otherwise have remained working longer. A healthier workforce is more productive.

A motivated workforce, with higher morale
Doctors claim that a fit patient is rarely stressed. Work related stress is one of the main causes of absenteeism amongst non-manual workers.