The Hogarth Group is a group of companies operating principally in the health, leisure and construction markets. It is a family company that commenced operating in 1959, when its Chairman first became principal of his own firm of Chartered Surveyors, specialising in health, leisure and sports developments.

The Lambton Place site in Kensington W11 was acquired in the late 1960's and soon opened as Lambton Squash Club. Throughout the 1970's and early 1980's Lambton Squash Club met with considerable success but it became clear in the 1980's that a profitable business concern situated in a prime London site should offer more than a single sport.

The Chiswick site in Airedale Avenue, London W4, was acquired in 1978 and a decision was made to develop the site on country club lines, with health and sports facilities. The Hogarth Health Club, which opened in 1981, was one of the very first of such clubs in Europe and carried the first range of Nautilus equipment outside the USA. The success of this pioneering business led the Group in 1987 to redevelop Lambton Squash Club as Lambton Place Health Club.

As the facilities at Hogarth aged, an extensive programme of expansion and refurbishment was completed in 1993, which provided entirely new changing facilities and a new pool. The Hogarth Clinic was also established in 1993 with a wide range of practitioners providing a most successful centre for both conventional and complementary medicine. Further refurbishments followed with the extension of Lambton Place in 1994 and, most recently, with major works of improvement at both clubs over Christmas 1998.

Seeking a large site with potential for extensive outdoor recreation and sport, the Group acquired the 27-acre Manor House Grounds in May 1997. Construction began at the end of 1998 and The Park Club opened in January 2000. The Club is a departure from the health & fitness model, offering a much broader range of services and providing for the needs of the family. The Club's membership was fully subscribed in its first year of operation.